We with our testing experience, keen industry knowledge and rationalized testing tool expertise to monitor testing, set new standards for software quality and reduce costs. SaasIt's Testing services will support you in every of your future activities by taking the product to the expected performance level and satisfy the need. along with the basic testing services such as White-box testing, Black -box testing, Grey box testing and System Integration testing , we also offer value added testing services such as Migration testing, Globalization and Localization testing.

Accounting and Inventory Management System

This System was developed for managing Accounting and Inventory for the organization. The application allows the client to manage customer, supplier information. The application also allows to maintain day to day transaction likes sales, purchases, bank payments , bank receipts and other expenses etc for the organization. The application also helps maintaining sales, purchase etc. statements/reports. The application is extremely user friendly and uses flexible backend infrastructure which helps the organization in its day to day business

The master data is used, to centrally manage the supplier data, orders data, account payable, account receivables, reorder data, inventory and other production related data , thus helping to manage the entire production cycle including inventory status, pricing changes, load the Point of Sale data, access the sales information by product, location, product category, etc in one platform. Also this system helps to get numerous reports based on the data available.

Complete Salary Package System and Human Resource Management

The Complete Salary Package System provides features like viewing, adding, deleting, modifying the employee details, department details and the salary details. Total working hours of an employee is arrived at taking into account, overtime, late entry and leave data entered into the system. Accordingly one’s pay slip is generated along with the usual deductions.

The master employee data is utilized to centrally manage the employees data, salary data, time data, department data and other HR related data , thus helping to manage the entire Salary cycle including employee status, Salary changes, access the salary information by employee , department, location, etc in one platform. Also this system helps to get the up-to-the-minute view of its entire Salary cycle