We with our testing experience, keen industry knowledge and rationalized testing tool expertise to monitor testing, set new standards for software quality and reduce costs. SaasIt's Testing services will support you in every of your future activities by taking the product to the expected performance level and satisfy the need. along with the basic testing services such as White-box testing, Black -box testing, Grey box testing and System Integration testing , we also offer value added testing services such as Migration testing, Globalization and Localization testing.

    Basic Quality Assurance Policy

  • Conduct comprehensive and continuous research for the development of new technologies and products.
  • Proactively utilize methods of statistical control for all areas of company activities
  • Establish quality assurance.
  • Exert effort for cost reductions of each product by continual modernization.
  • Promote internal standardization for the whole company and establish structures for QC management by data.

Service Quality Monitoring System

This system application is more flexible and provides better control and has generic framework to address the Service Quality Monitoring System. This application is used for obtaining the feedback about an employee from various roles like manager, quality team, peer and direct report. It generates and automatically sends the mail to employees from quality analyst manager to finalize the feed back of employee to be given

This application if used by service delivery managers in call center to monitor the performance and quality of their of response from tech support and IT help desk teams. As each help desk service ticket is resolved, the information regarding the resolution including the solution provided, the turn around time, the resolution time and feedback from the problem ticket creator.